R&D Services and Capabilities

We offer contract research services in following areas –

  • Organic Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Medicinal Chemistry

SynThink is your partner for contract research and development (R&D services) in all areas of Organic, pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry. We provide an opportunity to accelerate your advances from discovery to the pharmaceutical product pipeline. SynThink is a partner in your R&D projects. Senior management is involved in your project at all stages to provide an efficient and comprehensive strategic outsourcing relationship.

SynThink Research Chemicals is leading manufacturer and supplier of Pharmaceutical API Impurities & Metabolites in India

R&D Services Offered

Synthink Research Chemicals is mainly active in custom synthesis / manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Impurities / Reference Standards (Pharmacopeial and non-Pharmacopeial), API Impurities as well as working standards which are required for pharmaceutical companies to study quality, stability and biological safety of pharmaceutical products.

In many cases required impurities found in a pharma product is required to custom synthesize / produce. In such cased clients need to send the details of the required product to SynThink.

We provide detail structure elucidation with help of 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, MASS, HPLC, etc.

All Impurities / standards are provided with certificate of analysis (CoA) along with the comprehensive characterization data like 1H-NMR, MASS, HPLC Purity etc. On request, we also provide additional data like 13C-NMR, CHN, TGA, etc.

We are also manufacturer and supplier of several API Impurities listed in United States Pharmacopoeia(USP), European Pharmacopeia (EP), British Pharmacopoeia (BP), Japanese Pharmacopeia (JP), Indian Pharmacopeia (IP) pharmacopoeia, or unknown API impurity, API Process Impurity, Degradation Impurity, API Related Compounds and Potential Impurities as per specification / requirement.

At Synthink, we produce / make impurities using reliable scientific processes / techniques like organic synthesis techniques, enrichment and isolation by chromatography techniques, degradation and isolation process, etc.

Pharmaceutical (API / Drug) impurities produced by Synthink Research Chemicals can be used for monitoring acquiring and evaluating data that establishes quality, stability and biological safety of pharmaceutical products.

API impurities produced by Synthink Research Chemicals can be used for ANDA / DMF filling and genotoxicity studies.

We are completely aware that impurities in pharma product is always a matter of worry within different departments of a pharmaceutical company. So, at SynThink we are committed to synthesize and characterize required Pharmacopial and non-pharmacopial Reference Standards, API Impurities as well as other working standards in a timely manner. Please feel free to request a quote from us.

SynThink is experienced in synthesizing drug metabolites to speed up your ADME, toxicology and mechanism of action studies. Please feel free to request a quote from us.

Doesn’t matter if you have material in pure or in impure form whose structure you want to know, our team has expertise in structure elucidation unknown complex organic molecules (including unknown impurities) using advanced techniques. You just need to handover the material to our team.

SynThink possesses all the required ingredients to support your preclinical drug development from start to finish: modern laboratories and equipment for compound synthesis, isolation, and purification; state-of-the-art analytical instruments for compound characterization and purity determination; experienced and knowledgeable chemists with extensive industrial backgrounds in organic, medicinal, and analytical chemistry.

SynThink has an extensive expertise in asymmetric synthesis and utilizes approaches like chiral pool, asymmetric catalysis including metal as well as organocatalysis, chiral resolution, etc.

  • Synthesis of chiralbuilding blocks.
  • Synthesis of chiral drug intermediates and APIs.
  • Design and development of chiral ligands.

SynThink synthesizes intermediates of API’s and clinical candidates. We will prepare the requested intermediates either by following known literature procedures or synthesis protocols provided by the client. If no route to the target compound is published, our experienced chemists will design the synthesis route for the preparation of the material themselves.

SynThink will prepare your various intermediates and scaffolds according to your instructions and requirements.

Our Medicinal Chemistry team offers the following services:

  • Design and synthesis of small drug-like molecules, medchem compounds;
  • Aanalogs / compound library for lead generation and lead optimization;
  • Preparation of building blocks, scaffolds and intermediate compounds;
  • Custom synthesis of lead compounds from milligrams to large scale;

We also work for our clients in the field of process development, validation as well as technical support to scale-up operations.

  • Route of synthesis- optimization and validation
  • Procurement of raw materials
  • Scale up from lab to kilo lab

Our custom synthesis expertise:

  • Boronic acid synthesis and couplings
  • Brominations
  • Deutorated Compounds
  • Chiral synthesis and separations
  • Friedel Crafts reactions
  • General organic and small molecule synthesis
  • Heterocyclic chemistry
  • Hydrogenation (up to 100 psi)
  • Metabolites/impurities
  • Nitrations
  • Organometallic chemistry
  • Oxidations
  • Peptide/amino acid synthesis
  • Pesticides
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Photochemistry
  • Pressure reactions
  • Steroids
  • Sulfonylations
  • Thiols
  • Toxic/potent compounds
  • Ugi reactions
  • Wittig reactions

Business models / Project Modes

SynThink conducts projects that range from simple one step synthesis of known compounds to multistep synthesis of complex unknown molecules. SynThink offers mainly three modes of operations for R&D services:

These projects are conducted under the terms of a Purchase Order issued by the client. Such project involves preparation of amounts of compounds that have already been described in either the public or proprietary literature and for which synthetic procedures are available. In certain cases, closely related unpublished analogs may also be amenable to this approach. Purchase Order projects are invoiced and paid for once the project is completed and the product delivered to the client.

These projects are conducted under the terms of a proposal that delineates the level of effort required by experienced M.S. / Ph.D. scientists working full time on the project at the bench. These FTE (Full Time Equivalent) projects generally involve more complex or longer-term projects. Generally, the compounds being synthesized have not been described in any literature. Synthetic pathways to these compounds may need to be designed before being executed. This FTE approach allows our clients the flexibility to change goals and priorities on an immediate basis. FTE projects are generally invoiced monthly at a set FTE rate.

FFS projects involve projects like compound characterization, compound structure elucidation and Impurity profiling etc.

Moreover, SynThink is open to discuss the pricing structure and is flexible to meet the clients R&D services needs.


SynThink is your partner: We look forward to learning what your needs are and presenting our R&D services capabilities to you. We will then sign a Confidentiality Agreement that will allow mutual sharing of proprietary scientific information concerning the R&D project. We will study the information that you make available and will conduct a literature review. We will then provide a comprehensive written proposal. We anticipate that you may require changes or modifications to the proposal prior to acceptance. Once the changes are mutually agreed upon and our proposal is accepted, the work is scheduled at SynThink and assigned to a Project Leader and a full time bench scientist who is assigned to conduct the laboratory research work.

We view ourselves as a part of your own research and development effort, therefore we are responsive to changes and redirection as the work progresses. This approach is designed to facilitate incorporation of any new information that you may obtain during the work. You may therefore redirect efforts at SynThink as the project goals demand.


We are very aware that the R&D services that we provide are generally dovetailed to very tight schedules in place at our client companies. Therefore, our reports and communications are designed to keep clients fully informed of progress, including successes and difficulties encountered. Reports can be provided on a regular basis in written form, through face-to-face communications, through on-line exchanges or via telecommunications. In addition, for more complex projects SynThink can provide a detailed report to our, or your, secure server. This report provides a continually updated record of priorities, status of ongoing work and anticipated completion and delivery dates.

Upon completion, the synthetic products are provided together with all appropriate documentation, including Data Sheets and copies of all relevant spectral and analytical data. Formal reports that include detailed synthetic procedures as well as spectral and physical details for intermediates along the synthetic pathway can also be provided. Any additional information, either for preparation of publications or submission of patent applications, can also be provided. We place a strong emphasis on good record keeping. Experimental details for projects are available at all times.


SynThink is fully aware of the importance of confidentiality and the protection of our clients’ intellectual property rights. All research and development undertaken for our clients is the sole property of the client and is regarded as proprietary and confidential. Any discoveries, improvements or developments that we make in the course of our work for our clients are solely the property of that client. SynThink retains no rights to discoveries, inventions, or information gathered during the work (only applicable in case of FTE and FFS projects).

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