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Custom synthesis of medchem compounds, pharmaceutical standards, small molecules

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Everyone in the pharmaceutical industry focuses on big projects but find it challenging to execute small but very important projects. In such cases, it is best to outsource such important projects. However, again it becomes difficult to find a suitable organization for Custom synthesis of specific small moleculs, medchem compound library or pharmaceutical impurity standards

SynThink is a perfect solution for your small but important custom synthesis project.

In the last six years, SynThink has emerged as the best option for small research projects (contract research and development) in all areas of Organic, pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry.

Synthink provides a flexible, efficient and cost-effective means of carrying out short- or long-term projects. We invite you to explore our services and determine how we may benefit your research and development programs.

Our R&D team is capable of efficiently integrating all currently available chemistry principles and concepts to design and synthesis of target molecules as per your need

We provide custom synthesis in the following areas-

Medicinal Chemistry

Synthesis of preclinical drug candidates

Asymmetric synthesis

Process Development

Pharmaceutical Standards/impurities

Synthesis of probes/research tools

Medicinal Chemistry

SynThink provides medicinal chemistry services supported by a strong team of scientists having expertise in medicinal chemistry. Our MedChem team is capable of efficiently integrating all currently available medicinal chemistry principles and concepts to design and synthesis of high-quality molecules which will help our client to select the right candidates of their interest in short period of time.

We offer synthesis of wide range of compounds from mg to kilogram scale.

Medchem Compound Library Synthesis:

SynThink provides design and synthesis of medchem compound library of various sizes independently or in collaboration with clients in Pharmaceutical industries


Synthesis of designated library of small molecules or analogues for hit-to-lead identification programs.

Lead optimization:

SynThink is well prepared for design and synthesis of molecules to improve the potency and drug-like properties of the given compounds.

Custom Synthesis of pharmaceutical Impurities and R&D Compounds at Synthink

SynThink Research Chemicals is leading custom synthesis provider of Pharmaceutical API Impurities & R&D compounds in India.

Sometimes, it becomes very difficult task to find some impurity standards and R&D compounds within time due to various reasons. So, It is always a matter of worry within different departments of a pharmaceutical companies. At SynThink Research Chemicals we are committed to provide custom synthesis of R&D compounds and API Impurities (Pharmacopial and non-pharmacopial Reference Standards), ncluding – Degradation Impurities, Process Impurities, Potential Impurities, KSM impurities, API impurities, etc. as per your requirement in a timely manner.

In cases when required pharmaceutical API impurity standards or R&D compounds are not available anywhere, they needs to be custom synthesized. In such cases clients just need to send the available details of the required products like name, IUPAC name, structure, CAS number etc. and rest will be taken care by our R&D team.

Develop and apply your own non-compendial method

We provide pharmacopeial as well non-pharmacopeial Impurity standards i Using standards provided by synthink you can develop and apply your own non-compendial method which provides maximum flexibility in working with your products.

While doing impurity profiling or any analytical study of a API, factors like water content, volatile content, potency, retention time (RT), relative retention time (RRT), response factor (RF), relative response factor (RRF) are very important. So, during synthesis / manufacturing process we keep these important factors in mind and produce and supply the highest possible quality material accordingly.

Generally custom synthesis products would be shipped in the in 3-6 weeks (as per difficulty level of the product and time mentioned in quote / proposal).

Degradation, Isolation and purification service is also provided as per clients’ request.

All Pharmaceutical impurities / related compounds are provided with certificate of analysis (CoA) along with the complete characterization data like 1H-NMR, IR, MASS, HPLC Purity etc. On request, we also provide additional data like 13C-NMR, 13C-DEPT, HMBC-NMR, HMQC-NMR, COSY-NMR, NOESY-NMR, NOE-NMR, CHN, TGA, Water Content, Volatile Content, Potency, Assay etc (with extra charge/fees).

Click here to check sample CoA along with characterization data.

Quality of the material

At SynThink, we are aware that the Characterization and data integrity of the impurities is highly important factors to our clients / FDA. We have placed strict internal standard operating procedures. So, our quality control (QA) and quality assurance department check / analyze all data of every impurity batch very carefully as per strict internal standard operating procedures. By doing critical analysis at every stage Synthink is able to provide accurate characterization and data of every impurity batch. We can also share the electronic copy of CoA and data by email before delivering the material to the client to get confirmation from the end-user so the client won’t get any surprise.

Structural Elucidation Reports (SER)

In many cases, the client has some special requirements like Structural Elucidation Reports (SER), Characterization Report or Peak Assignment Reports.  On request, we can provide such additional services with appropriate charges. Based on requirement we do additional required experiments like 13C-NMR, 13C-DEPT, HMBC-NMR, HMQC-NMR, COSY-NMR, NOESY-NMR, NOE-NMR, CHN, TGA, etc.

Clients can also provide their own material to get these services from SynThink.

For sample Structural Elucidation Reports (SER), Characterization Report or Peak Assignment Reports, please send us a request.

Please send an online enquiry or just email us with product details and requirements. We will get back to you with availability / lead time and quote.

Send us a custom synthesis enquiry or email us –

After-sales support:

After successful delivery of the project if you still have any queries, doubts or problems you can write to us at – We will be happy to sort out your queries.

Process for ordering SynThink’s custom synthesis services:

Custom Synthesis of Pharmaceutical Impurities and R&D compounds in India
Order Process – Custom Synthesis services

Here is the step by step process for ordering pharmaceutical impurity standard using SynThink’s custom synthesis services

  • The Client sends us a custom synthesis requirement details by an email – or website enquiry form
  • Our R&D team studies the requirement.
  • If feasible, we send a proposal with availability / lead time, quote and payment terms.
  • Client’s acceptance of proposal / quote.
  • After acceptance of proposal actual custom synthesis starts at our R&D Lab.
  • The client will be informed periodically about the progress of the project.
  • It there is any change / delay, it will be informed to the client.
  • After successfully getting the required product in had we send data to the client.
  • Once we get confirmation from the client we raise the invoice and ship the material.
  • The Client needs to pay according to terms and conditions given in the proposal / quote.

In some cases, we may ask for advance payment.

One can also request other business modes like – FTE (Full Time Equivalent)

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