Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can simply search with name, synonym, CAS No, or catalog No. Moreover, you can also browse the products as per the categories and sub-categories list given in the left side column under the tab ‘Browse Products’

In such cases, our Custom Synthesis service is always available for you. We can synthesize the product as per your requirement.
Please send an online enquiry or email us with product details and requirements. We will get back to you with availability / lead time and a quote.
You need to send us the order/Purchase Order. You need to pay when it’s ready to ship or as per terms and conditions as agreed.

Generally, custom synthesis products would be shipped in 3-6 weeks (as per difficulty level or the product and time mentioned in the quote).

Using online Enquiry / RFQ form: You can add the products to the enquiry / RFQ list using the ‘Add to Enquiry’ Button of the respective products, then go to the Enquiry / RFQ page, fill in the details and send it.


Email: You can send us the email with your requirement to [email protected]

SynThink constantly updates the stock status of all products. If the product is in our stock, we can ship / dispatch the product in 48 hrs after a successful quality control check.
For some reason, we can’t keep stock of all products. Please send us an online enquiry or email us.

You need to send an order request using RFQ List form (you need to add products listed on the website to enquiry /RFQ list, then send it with your details). After receiving your enquiry, we will get back to you with a quote, and then you can place the order accordingly.
Of course, you can always send the online enquiry / email with the product details and requirements. After receiving your enquiry, we will get back to you with quote and then you can place the order accordingly.

Direct wire transfer (online bank transfer) and PayPal options are available (for overseas customers).
Customers in India can use  wire transfer (online bank transfer) and bank cheques options.

For existing clients, terms of sales are net 30 days from the date of invoice.
For new clients needs to pay in advance before shipping. Accounts 30 days past due are subject to a 1.5% late charge per month on the unpaid balance.

Generally, you need to pay in advance / immediate in case of products that are in stock (ready to ship). For the products, which are not in stock, you can make payment later as per agreement.

In general, our products have purity >95 %.

On request, we can provide purity up to 99%.
Each product undergoes a strict quality control check. We study various parameters using HPLC, NMR, Mass, physical constant, etc.
For each product, you get a ‘Certificate of Analysis’ (CoA) mentioning purity and other relevant information.

With a product, we provide CoA, 1H NMR, Mass, and HPLC purity. We also provide other data (like IR, TGA, etc.) as per your request.

Please send us an email with your requirement. We will send additional data either free or at cost or with minor charges.

Yes, we can provide after-sales support. If you face any problems or need any additional information about our products, please write us to [email protected]. Our scientific / technical team will contact you.

We offer FOB Mumbai. We accept other Incoterms on client requests.

You can send us an email with the reason / issues you face within 15 days after receiving the product. We will try to solve the problem with our after-sales service commitment. We can replace the product or return the payment, depending on reason / issues.

Prices are FOB Mumbai, India, and subject to change without notice. We reserve the right, without prior notice, to discontinue products or change specifications and prices on products. Written quotations are guaranteed for 30 days. Terms of sales are net 30 days from the date of invoice. Accounts 30 days past due are subject to a 1.5% late charge per month on the unpaid balance. We reserve the right to request advance payment in certain cases. The Buyer is responsible for bank charges for all overseas transactions.
Unless otherwise specified GST and any other applicable tax, duties, additional charges payable by the Buyer shall be added to the price.

Most of the products are synthesized by SynThink and very few by SynThink partner companies

Weigh an empty syringe, fill the syringe (start by assuming the density is 1g/mL), and weigh again. Adjust until the weight is accurate.
Measure the density of the liquid by weighing a known volume and doing the appropriate division
For small amounts of viscous liquids, weigh an empty pipette, dip the tip in the substance, and weigh again.
For sticky, semisolid, weigh a clean spatula / empty capillary, dip the tip in the substance, and weigh again. Then put it in a vial / flask and wash it by adding appropriate solvent.

R&D chemicals / materials need to be handled and stored carefully. So, it is always better to take precautions while storing such materials.
Generally, we recommend 2-8°C temperature for long-term storage (more than 15 days) under (Nitrogen or Argon gas) inert atmosphere for most of the material.
Please follow the storage conditions given in the CoA for a specific product / material.

Synthink provides Custom Synthesis Services, Process Chemistry, and Analytical Chemistry Services. Would you please check more on the receptive web pages?

SynThink mainly provides products required for Pharmaceutical R&D, including known, unknown, or custom synthesis products.

Impurity is a substance present in small amounts in product material, making it of poor quality.


Impurities are chemical substances inside a product material of interest, which differ from the chemical composition of the material or compound.


A pharmaceutical reference standard is a highly characterized material suitable to test the identity, strength, quality and purity of substances for pharmaceutical use and medicinal products.

We generally use very reliable shipping services like FedEx, DHL, etc.

Products currently offered / listed on the SynThink website are only for R&D use in accordance with (i) 35 USC 271(e)+A13(1) in the U.S.; (ii) Section 69.1 of Japanese Patent Law in Japan; (iii) Section 11, No. 2 of the German Patent Act of 1981 in Germany; (iv) Section 60, Paragraph 5b of the U.K. Patents Act of 1977 in the U.K.; (v) Section 68B of the Patents Act of 1953 in New Zealand; (vi) such related legislation and/or case law as may be or become applicable in the aforementioned countries; and (vii) such similar laws and rules as may apply in various other countries. In the European Union, equivalent exemptions are allowed under the terms of EC Directives 2001/82/EC (as amended by Directive 2004/28/EC) and 2001/83/EC (as amended by Directives 2002/98/EC, 2003/63/EC, 2004/24/EC, and 2004/27/EC). Any product use and resulting liabilities are solely at the buyer’s risk.

products sold by SynThink are strictly for laboratory research purposes only and are not to be used for any other purposes, including but not limited to, in vitro diagnostic purposes, ex vivo or in vivo therapeutic purposes, investigational use in foods, drugs, cosmetics of any kind or household use, medical devices, for the diagnosis or treatment of human beings, or commercial purposes. You assume all risk and liability for the use and/or results obtained by the use of the products covered by this invoice, whether used singularly or in combination with other products.

The products supplied are for supply to qualified personnel only. The goods should be used in facilities designed for chemical, biological and allied research only and not for human or animal consumption. Goods should be stored and handled in accordance with details provided on the Material Safety Data Sheet and labels.

The Seller provides Material Safety Data Sheets on request, in accordance with current legislation.

SynThink warrants that its products shall conform to the description of such products as provided in SynThink’s catalog. This warranty is exclusive, and the seller makes no other warranty, expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.

No license or immunity under any patent is granted or is to be implied by or from the sale of any product.

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